Fitness Techniques for Fat Loss

02 Oct

If your schedule is tight and you would like to shed some fat, bodyweight workout is the perfect solution. There are a good option because you can do them at the comfort of your own home. There is no need for many tools and equipment or a type of gear. There are exercises that are more efficient than others when it comes to losing fat. There are three types of workouts that will help you lose fat, build endurance and stamina and enhance the cardiovascular condition. The bodyweight squat is the first type of exercise. This is an exercise that the Hindus enjoy. The traditional wrestlers in India do up to 1000 squats. This fitness workout at has significant effects on the body. After a few weeks have passed you will realize that your tendons, muscles and joints have become stronger. Your sense of balance will be enhanced and you will get slimmer by the day. This is how efficient they are, any regular person can do them and get significant results.

The other exercise is the push up, it is the Hindus push up specifically that is being referred to. Just as the Hindu squats, these push ups are from India. This exercise works on the upper part of your body. Multiple reps in a day will strengthen you. Lunge is another exercise that is easy and it works on the lower body section. When you do this kind of exercise after the other two mentioned, you will have to work extra hard to find a balance between them. Also, those who find squats to be challenging opt to do the lunges which are quite easy. If you can be doing these three exercises and multiple reps, you will be able to build cardio. You should take breaks between your sets so that you are able to build strength.  If you can make your fitness routine based on the above types of exercises, you will get all the above results. Get the The best personal training service in Chicago Illinois here!

The trick in using these three exercises is in the reps. If you include interval and intensity to them, they become a good strategy against fat accumulation. It is now possible to lose fat when you can do multiple squats. For those with the desire for abs, such squats can achieve them with the squats. During these exercises, make sure that rests are included in between the sets so that you can achieve tremendous results. To learn more on how to lose fats, go to

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